Q: What happens after I order a service?
A: I will contact you with shipping info and a review of what you are getting. If you're having custom work done I will discuss the details. I will also send a separate estimate invoice with everything you have ordered and the pricing and a link to pay me via PayPal.

Q: What if I don't hear back from you?
A: I will contact you in within 2-3 days, and likely within 24 hours. If you do not hear from me after 4 days then it is possible I did not receive your order correctly, or did not get a working email address to reply to. Try resending your order or email your order directly to me.

Q: How does shipping work?
A: You will have to cover shipping both ways. I will ship it anyway you like and you pay the actual cost of shipping. I am not responsible for damage or loss in shipping so I highly recommend getting insurance and using signature confirmation so your Xmod gets into the right hands right away. I will provide you with all tracking numbers. Please make sure to package your Xmod as safely as possible to avoid damage. I will use the same packaging if possible.

Q: Are there any hidden charges? Will I get a surprise bill for a small fortune?
A: The only extra charge you will see is a $2 handling and processing charge. I will discuss the cost of everything I plan to do and wait for consent before I actually do anything. I will keep my prices to a minimum. You will receive an initial estimate invoice with everything stated on it. If you decide to order more services or parts I will update your invoice. When the project is finished I will send your a final invoice. You will also receive a receipt of payment when your payment shows up in my PayPay account.

Q: How do I pay?
A: I use PayPal for all transactions. The invoice I send you will contain all payment information and a direct link through PayPal. You can also hit the "Pay Now" button on your status page, or the "Tip Jar/Pay Now" button on the side frame to leave a tip if you want or just make a payment. Under very rare circumstances I may accept a money order or COD.

Q: When do I pay?
A: I will send you an initial estimate invoice with the receipt of your order. You can pay right then or you can wait. For services you do not have to pay anything until I have completed the work, although I will wait until I have received payment to return your completed car. For any parts needed that cost over $5.00 I will need the money before I purchase the parts. I will let you know when this is the case. When I have finished the project I will send you a final invoice. You can pay right then and I will ship out your Xmod when I receive payment. If you have already paid the correct amount I will send your car when it is finished. If there is any difference from what you paid and the final invoice it will be corrected then I will ship. You will receive a receipt of payment.

Q: When will my car be ready and will you let when you have completed the work?
A: It depends on the service(s) you have ordered, but I work as fast and efficiently as I can while maintaining top quality. I will give you an estimate of time needed with the receipt of order. Most basic services will be done within a week. You can always check on the current status of your car to see the work logs and progress pictures. After I have completed all services I will test everything and then contact you again with a full report and request of payment if not already received. I will send the car to you immediately after receiving full payment.

Q: What will my garage page look like?
A: Every page will be different. You can veiw a sample garage page here.

Q: The "check your car status" page won't work - what do I do?
A: If you cannot sign in to your car's status page make sure you have signed in with the project name I sent you. If it still cannot find your page then it may not be uploaded yet, try it again later. If nothing happens or you get a weird error or what ever else, then it might have something to do with your browser settings. The page uses Javascript and XML to work. I've tried to make it work with all browsers and settings, but everyone's browser is different. However if all else fails, you can still get to your project's status page by entering the link which I will send to you along with your project name.

Q: Are you any good?
A: Yes! As much as I try to deny it, I am a perfectionist. I've been working on R/C cars for a long time now and have done just about everything that can be done. Take a look at the garage page to see some projects I have done. You can also visit the FreestyleXmods Forum to read my feedback and find many other interesting topics. I will treat your cars/project as though they are my own and make sure everything is done to your satisfaction. And you can always be sure of what is happening to your car at any time by checking the current status of your car.

Submit a question - if you have a question that you think should be included, please email it to me and I will consider posting it. Also check out the FreestyleXmods Forum for more information, Q&A, and hews.