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Diagnostics $10 (Order)
Do you have a problem but no clue what is wrong? Just don't feel like working on it? Let me sweat it out instead. I will run your car through full diagnostic testing and find what's causing the problem, then contact you to discuss how to continue with a fix plan. If I cannot locate the problem, you do not have to pay for the diagnostic and I will give you 10% off your next service.

Custom Build Xmods Contact for price (Order)
Do you have an idea in mind for your dream car? Want to build a custom Xmod but don't have the time or facility? Let me know what you want and I will build your car for you to your secifications. Get a high quality, completely customized car with a price tag you can afford - I work hard to get the best prices on everything and pass the savings on to you. Add services like the ones below to get the best Xmod you can. Check the services you want included and write a short description of everything you want at the bottom and I will get back to you with more information and an always-low-price estimate for parts, supplies, and labor.

Basic Tune-Up Package $10 (Order)
If you've got a new car that you want running in top shape, or you've hit the 30K mile mark and need a tune up, this is for you. Here is what's included:
  • Servo centered
  • Steering slop reduced
  • Tire fitting (cut off extra rubber that makes tires unstable)
  • Wire support to prevent broken wires at attachment points
  • Basic cleaning
  • Fully lube all moving parts
  • Motor Break-in (if new motor)
  • And more!
If you want anything added/subtracted just let me know.

Deluxe Tune-Up Package $15 (Order)
This package includes more advanced tweaks to get your car performing at it's best. It includes:
  • Everything in the "Basic Tune-Up Package"
  • Slop removal level 2 (Includes shims and metal nuts. Works best with bearings, but will really help stock)
  • Signal tuning (improves range and reception - only done if necessary)
  • Tires glued on
If you want anything added/subtracted just let me know.

Deluxe Cleaning $10 (Order)
A thorough cleaning. I take everything apart and clean every bit of it. Afterwards I lubricate everything. This makes it shinny and nice and it will also run smoother.

FET Install From $15 Prices include parts! (Order)
Prices include parts! If you want to stack higher than 2x3, just add $10 for each level higher and contact me.
For Gen1 Xmods: The stock FETs are inefficient and cannot handle hot motors. Anything that draws more than 2Amps can blow the stock FETs. These upgraded (SI4562DY) FETs can handle 7.1amps and will run much hotter motors and provide more power. You will benefit from a FET upgrade if your stock FETs are getting warm (feel the bottom of your car). By stacking FETs you will improve the efficiency and be able to handle more current.

For Evo Xmods: The stock FETs are much better than for gen1's and will handle most hot motors. However, upgraded FETs have less resistance and will thus increase power, battery life and stay cooler. For more info on Evo FET benefits, go to Stacking FETs will improve efficiency and handle more current. Please choose from the drop-down list how many pairs you want.

18AWG Wire Upgrade From $5 Prices include parts! (Order)
The stock wiring on Xmods is not very effecient. This 18 Gauge wire will allow for more voltage and current to flow easier which means more power and speed. Reccomend for Li-Ion/Poly and 5/6cell cars. Includes all supplies and labor to upgrade to 18 gauge wire.

Which is right for you?
Most lithium kits come with 18 gauge wire and so only need motor wires added. If you use AAA's or do not have 18 gauge wire, then I reccomend the full car upgrade.
Please note the motor and stock batteries will be wired directly to the car. Li-ions need a plug if wired straight to the board. If you'd like a micro deans plug for the motor or batteries, add $3 and make a note with your order.
Note- I do not typically use "superflex" wire partially because it costs 8 times as much. My 18awg wire will handle the current and the only difference you will notice is it is somewhat stiffer. If you would like superflex 18awg, contact me.

Tight Turns Install $8 Prices include parts!

Price includes all parts!
Tight turns will increase your turning radius drastically. It also helps to eliminate servo jitter. This is the surface mount board mod so no wires or mess will be visible.
*Note this mod is for Gen 1 Xmods only.

Turbo Cap Install $8 Prices include parts!

Price includes all parts!
The Turbo Capacitor add some extra "get up and go" power to your xmod. I use 0.33F (that's 330,000uf !) capacitors - The biggest available for Xmods! They are small (11.5mm diameter, 4.5mm tall) and fit nicely. This mod will also help preserve your xmods' electronics and batteries. These capacitors are rated at 5.5v so don't run it with more then that voltage. For more info on how they work, look here.

Power Switch Bypass $3 (Order)
Only $1 with other work on the EP!
The power switch on Xmods does not allow for high current flow and can be unreliable. This mod takes it out of the system completely. After completing this mod you will need to unplug your batteries to power off your car. Do not leave the batteries plugged in as they will drain and could be damaged.
*Note: As far as I know Evo switches have not been tested. Judging by the other improvements to the electronics I would assume the switch is better, however there is a definite probability that bypassing the Evo switch will also improve current flow.

Pinion Install/Remove $1 (Order)
Gen1 motor pinions require a pinion puller to take off and are hard to get back on. Select this service if you need a pinion removed or installed.

Install Services Contact for price (Order)
I can install just about anything. Contact me for price estimates depending on what you choose. Please write what you want installed below. I will keep the total cost as low as possible.

Anything Else! Contact for price (Order)
If you've got a project that you just don't have time for or want something else done for your car, I'll take care of it. Write your plans below and we'll come up with a custom job. As always, I'll keep the total cost as low as possible.

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Thank you for choosing to have your Xmod serviced by me. I will do all in my capability to provide the highest quality service while working on your car and working with you. I will take precautions to prevent any problems, but in such an event my liability is limited as stated: If a problem occurs while your xmod is in my possession due to my error or circumstances out of my control I will determine a course of action to remedy the problem including repairing the problem or refunding the cost up to the value of the xmod before the time of the problem. If I determine the problem was due to normal wear and/or an existing condition, my liability mar be decreased and/or waived. If a problem occurs before your Xmod arrives at my shop or after I send it back to you then I will not be responsible for any liability. If any parts I order for your project are lost or damaged before I get them, I will not be responsible for the value so please consider getting insured shipping. I will take an initial picture of your Xmod as I receive it when I first open it as well as the final project before I package it to return it to you. I will also give you a full product performance test results report of the initial condition and the final condition when I complete the service. These will be posted on your project page and will document the status of the car while in my possession. You accept and are bound by these terms by sending your Xmod to me for service.